About Me

All Started when I came to USA in March 25 1962 (see photo) with my Father (RAUL), Mother (GEORGINA) and my brothers Raul,and Fernando. Then emigrations send us to NY. We live in NY until 1964.That when we came down to Miami to live because my Dad could not take the cold weather of the north. I began using CB Radio in 1975, and then I listen to all kind of country on the radio like Germany, Italy France and South America.

That’s when I desire it to go into Ham Radio. Got my novice 1976 then 2 yrs later got my technician in 1978.In 1980 my general and 1998 Advance and finally extra in 2008.
Work as a welder for a concrete Company (Maule Industry Inc) for 12 yrs, then with my dad and brother in metal fabrication (Fandino & Sons Inc) for another 10 yrs or so .Back then was the first Cuban American Company in the USA to work with NASA directly When the first shutter Enterprise was made.
We work on the stiff leg that lifts the shutter in top of a Special Boing 747. Carrier the shutter back to Kennedy Space Center.when lands it in texas or california. Then in early 2003 semi-retire did lot of fishing in keys and doing radio all the time. Now in full retirement do lots of radio and working in computer and all my QSL cards disign and printed by me. spend time with my Son,granson,dautherand grand dauther at disney or at the house pool.
Also love NASCAR and fast car 2yrs ago I drive a nascar car at Disney race Track(115 mph)(see video) and just two month ago I when to Homestead Race Track and ride alone with speed up to 165mph with profectional driver (see Video) In the photos section you will see some importan people that I meet when my son Adriel was working for Bellsouth (ATT now) few years ago.and some of my contact that got me DX Century Club with some of my favors contact.Also my Basic WAS and WAS on 20 mts,WAC Certificated. you will see ROUTE 66 Diploma with only 3 contact I Did find out too late to get all 12 of then (k6A, K6B, K6C, K6D, K6E, K6F, K6G, K6H, K6I, K6J, K6L, K6M)